Acacia Crest Pre-School

Acacia Crest accepts into our family pupils into the Play School starting from Three (3) years. Acacia Crest Playschool is one of the best play school in Kajiado. We provide an interactive learning environment that encourages your child to learn through play and activity. Through our well-honed program, 100% of our kids make a seamless transition into Class One (1) to become good performers in the Academy. Our dedicated teachers attend keenly to their needs making sure no child is left out. We place further emphasis on nutrition, providing a balanced diet that includes milk and fruit on a daily basis. Transportation is offered from every child living within the Acacia Schools vicinity. Kindly contact us here for details on transportation. Every care is taken to ensure your child’s safety; including regular safety training for drivers and CPR for teachers, not to mention an AAR accident cover for each child. We welcome all young individuals in our school, the best play school in Kajiado. It is our firm belief that given the opportunity, every child is capable of monumental accomplishments.

Club and Activities

Our school has a number of clubs that are aimed at enhancing co-curriculum activities and enabling our students to discover the various talents that they have. The School Co- curriculum activities in Kenya aim at producing an all round citizen in future. We put a lot of emphasis in this area and that is where we have two teachers dedicated to this activities. Every Sunday evening pupils showcase their talents during the famous “TALENT SHOW NITE.” Pupils present various item of talent i.e. Music, drama, fashion, comedy and social events.Educational excursions are organized on class basis to allow effective application of knowledge acquired during trips. Recreational trips for the school are normally organized, but mainly take place during school vacations.

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